Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Columbia Park Community Gardens. Time to bloom!

Now that the weather will allow it, let's get growing!

There doesn't look to be a ton of urban farming enthusiasts out there.. I wonder what's to become of the community gardens this season. The only website Columbia Park has, hasn't been updated in quite a while. If I remember correctly, you're supposed to donate 15 bucks to the Neighborhood organization to use a plot, but since I can't find them ( I should probably look for them at a Rugby game) I'm going to volunteer and guerrilla garden where I can. And any food produced can be shared with everyone. In my opinion, they should just open the whole project up to volunteers and double the amount of plots. Or just till a larger area of soil.
If anyone knows a link, or can identify the leadership of this project, please let me know.


  1. Neat concept. My favorite photo is the one on the bottom. Love the layers of interest in that photo.